The Nevro Galleries: Constructing an immersive 3D motion graphic retrospective of the Nevro company.

Highlighting Nevro's impact, milestones, and people over the past ten years.

Nevro is a medical device company that developed an innovative therapy to treat chronic pain. In the ten years since its inception, the company has grown significantly and achieved many important milestones. Nevro wanted an elegant and engaging animation to guide viewers through those milestones while also capturing the voice of the patient as well as Nevro team members.


Design, writing, and animation by Storyline Design, LLC, in collaboration with Roger Tully, producer/director, Tully Productions.

Gallery 1

The opening is an animation the Nevro logo with composed piano notes that express the idea of if being turned on. The bars of the logo come to life to an energized musical chord reflecting both their shape and metaphorically the HF10™ therapy.

As the camera view drops into gallery one, the Nevro ‘belief’ statement appears as the lights go down: “We believe that true innovation transforms more lives,” helping to set the tone for the piece as well as convey a tenet of the Nevro brand. A series of short audio statements accompany portraits of real Nevro patients, layered on top of a music foundation as the viewer moves through the room.


Gallery 2

Gallery two opens to an ‘Our Company’ panel setting the context for the space, as would typically be encountered at an art exhibit or museum. Nevro’s important milestones over their first ten years are presented on transparent panels, which are illuminated along a serpentine line through the space. Movement culminates with another door opening to the final gallery. 


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Gallery 3

Gallery three opens into a bright and expansive room dedicated to portraits and quotes of Nevro team members. The sheer length of the wall of faces adds drama and significance to the idea that the company is made up of a team of people, dedicated to a common purpose: to help patients with chronic pain. Real quotes appear as the viewer progresses through the space, celebrating that purpose and looking ahead to the future. The final doorway leads to an expansive white space filled with an animated Nevro logo, serving as a bookend to the opening animation. 


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