Working to help empower people and strengthen communities in Detroit and Wayne County.

The Power of a Story. Can the expression of an individual’s story—a community’s story—play a role in the empowerment of both? There is something significant about telling your story. It forces a reflection and realization of what has changed—a challenge met, an obstacle overcome. 

Storyline Design interviewed four individuals who made exceptional accomplishments in their lives with the help of Wayne Metro’s programs and services. We documented their stories through video, photography, and words.

The Empowerment Pathway

Wayne Metro works with people on issues related to securing the most essential things in life: a home, work, confidence, resilience, connection, learning, independence, connection, and community. They take a holistic approach to offering programs and services to people—from meeting basic needs and connecting to resources to building skills and ultimately thriving, just to name a few. This is the Empowerment Pathway.

Storyline Design created a graphic language to represent Wayne Metro’s strategic Empowerment Pathway. Graphic elements and icons can be used in many ways to represent various program services and outcomes.


I am empowered.

Storyline Design was hired to help Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency design new ways to express and enable their vision for diminishing the causes and conditions of poverty in Wayne County—including Detroit, Michigan. Just as it can be an empowering act for an individual to tell his or her new story, we believe it can be just as important for an organization, a community, or a city. 'I am empowered,' has become the rallying cry for Wayne Metro in representing the desired outcome of the empowerment pathway.

Storyline Design produced a Brand Essence video to represent the energy and effectiveness of Wayne Metro’s programs and services. Video includes quintessential scenes of Detroit to mark Wayne Metro’s special designation as the community action agency for the City.

David Bailey

Connecting with Wayne Metro in 2015, David Bailey was honored as a Client of the Year for his dedication to increasing his digital literacy by taking courses offered at their main office. It was evident that telling his story to us was an empowering experience—as you can see in the video below.

It’s like I’ve evolved into somebody different from who I am or who I was.
— David

LaShanna Stinson

LaShanna Stinson was honored as a Client of the Year for 2015 for not only finding a new job by engaging with Wayne Metro resources, but also becoming an active community organizer—a true leader where she lives and works. In the video below, she describes how she found not only a new job, but a greater sense of confidence in herself.

You’re not really going to get anywhere with one voice, but when everybody comes together, things happen.
— LaShanna

Francesann Lowery

Francesann Lowery was honored as a Client of the Year for 2015 for developing the skills needed to purchase her most important asset: her first house. She is happy in her new place, which you can clearly see in the video and photographs below.

I’m proud of myself…for listening to people, and for letting my guard down.
— Francesann

Laura Vialet

Laura Vialet was honored as a Client of the Year for 2015 for overcoming multiple challenges to create a new life for herself and her two sons. Wayne Metro connected her to resources when she needed them the most. She is thriving in her new life and job as an expert baker, which you can see in the video below.

I wake up every day and I say, ‘There’s something I have to do to change my life.’
— Laura

Sharing the vision.

Wayne Metro hosted 400 partners, board members, funders, clients, employees, and the general public at their annual meeting in Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple in October 2015. The purpose of the event is to give a snapshot of the year’s accomplishments, inspire excitement, and help impart more meaning to the work that Wayne Metro does. An annual report was given to all attendees. The Brand Essence video opened the event to set the tone and show the momentum of Wayne Metro’s work. Client of the Year videos were also shown followed by each client being recognized and sharing thoughts about his or her story to the group—the impact felt by all.


Storyline Design worked with Wayne Metro on the event production. We developed the event look and feel, presentations, invitation, program, signage, banners, annual report, and documented the event through photography. Assets were designed to be used for ongoing promotion and fund raising in 2016.

Capturing the event.

Time and care were given to documenting this event through photos. Capturing the scope, special guests, and the expressions of connection and joy was an important aspect of this meeting. Just as it was important to capture the portraits and video of each client that we interviewed in preparation for this gathering. Every story was big—told with intention—and meant to impart beauty, emotion, and strength to all who saw and heard them.