We care about every part of a production. From concept to delivery, we collaborate with you throughout the process in order to create the best possible final product. 

Making people feel comfortable and confident is where we thrive. 


Getting at the essence of a product or company brand and expressing its most important attributes in a beautiful and meaningful way is something we are especially passionate about.



An interview might be the clearest path to telling a story—and getting great surprises that add more texture in the process. We work with interviewees to help them feel comfortable—to have a thoughtful conversation that reveals a narrative, feeling, and larger message.


Supporting interview with Wayne Metro digital literacy instructor.


When someone is willing to share a positive story and endorse a product, offering, or service, it is a powerful thing. We make sure that every part of this type of video gives meaning to this important moment.

SAMPLE: Empowering People
Storyline Design interviewed four individuals who made exceptional accomplishments in their lives with the help of programs and services offered by our client, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency. 


People/Place Profiles

Profiling a person or place means noticing the details. We capture all that we can about the subject of a video—always exploring new ways to tell a story—from the broadest stroke to the smallest feature.

SAMPLE: Metropolis Coffee
As a gathering place within the community, it was essential to capture the feeling of being inside their coffeehouse and among the people who gather there. This was done through on-the-spot interviews with people enjoying the environment, behind the scenes footage shot in unexpected ways, and compositions revealing the fine details of the place and craft of coffee-making.


Multiple interviews, locations, graphics, b-roll, and audio tracks were used in composing a film for Metropolis Coffee.