Why Design?

We believe that design is a process that can give shape to the best intentions, ideas, and combined efforts of people. It asks us to define what we intend to communicate and contribute to the world. It’s what makes a sentence poetic, a building beautiful, and a thought an invention.

The Storyline Design process is rooted in the belief that, 'good design is a balance of fit and function and the poetic and personal', the words of Don Shepherd—artist, designer, and mentor to Storyline Design member, John Hetrick. 

This understanding guides us as we ask the questions: What is the experience of the products and services being offered? What insights do employees, customers, and the surrounding community bring? What is the best intention of the organization and how is that sense of purpose being communicated?

The final expression, in whatever form it might take—a new brand, a product experience, an event—is infused with this intention. There is an optimism about this design process...an unfolding discovery that is personal to the people involved and essential to the project at hand. 

I believe that design is a powerful process in the service of the spiritual and functional needs of humanity; that the basis of good design is in fact a rational balance of fit and function and the poetic and personal; that nurturing is in fact the natural by-product of the design process and solution.
— Don Shepherd

The Storyline Design process sets out to consider the purpose of the organization and design need at hand, collaborate with people who are invested in the solution, and understand the products and services being offered.

 Diagram of Storyline Design process