Our writing capability has been honed with organizations ranging from the academic and non-profit to Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies.

The goal is to give an idea shape, clarity, and meaning.

Brand Messaging

Every communication is an opportunity to say something about your brand. Through tone, personality, and consistency, an organization’s brand is expressed—your brand voice. We can work with you to develop a brand messaging platform to ensure that every communication touchpoint is as dynamic as possible.


Marketing Communications
Marketing communications bring together and express your brand, your offering, and the value that they carry in the world. It’s important to show your partners, customers, and potential customers how the product or service you offer is valuable in an engaging and memorable way.

Rigorous review and discussion with stakeholders is always important to the writing process. Collaborating with compliance, health, and legal experts has also characterized our work flow when working with health- and science-focused organizations.

Message Matrix

The Message Matrix is the starting point in our concept and content creation process. This process identifies the key value propositions (pillars) along with proof points supporting those claims. The Message Matrix is developed through firsthand experience with the product or solution, along with stakeholder input and other research as needed.

A mix of tagline, one line, short, and long form descriptors can also be developed. These ingredients become the core messaging platform for designing all marketing communications, which ensures consistency in messaging, brand, and tone.


Every piece of writing is creative—finding the right combination of words and feeling to match the message. We understand that some pieces need a bit of extra care—and poetry—to tell the full story. 



Scientific, health-related, or technical content can be hard to distill into easily accessible language. Our extensive experience in this area combined with a messaging matrix approach helps to organize and make complex information more engaging and meaningful to general audiences.



A concise and conversational tone in video voiceover messaging, event remarks, and other spoken narratives is key to effective and memorable communication. We work with you to craft the right message for the medium.

SAMPLE: This film voiceover was created for our client, the Detroit-based Wayne Metro Community Action Agency. Its initial use was to open their annual meeting of 400+ partners, donors, clients, and staff to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year and also inspire action for the future. It is currently featured on Wayne Metro’s website and used in donor presentations.


Beginning Voiceover
Each person sets out on life’s path hoping for great things. Often, challenges can prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. Wayne Metro works to help people, organizations, and communities connect and create new paths to inspire hope and build positive outcomes.

Middle Voiceover
The people of Wayne County remain at the center of everything we do. By taking a holistic approach, we are able to address a client’s specific needs and issues—and work with him or her to find the best next step in life. We do this through our Empowerment Pathway – a custom designed map that connects clients to the resources, help, and supports they need.

End Voiceover
Wayne Metro exists to diminish the causes and conditions of poverty—helping people find what they need most, when they need it. We strive for the moment when we hear the people we serve truly say, “I am empowered.”